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ADVERMAGIC.COM – Advermagic.com has been on the internet since August 7, 2001. We thought it was about time to update our pages. It’s an upgrade in progress. When we’re finished, we expect our site to have been completely reworked, with a new and better look, new and better features, all presented in a modern, newer, up to date fashion.
One of the results of the process will find us with a website created using Responsive Design techniques. In other words, we’re striving to make our website not only User Friendly, but, Mobile Friendly as well. Our content will adjust to the dimensions of every size monitor screen on every size device, from the largest desktop computer monitor to the smallest phone screen, as well as everything in-between. Our pages will be as Mobile Ready as we can make them.
advermagic_sq-logo_multi-color_wood-brdr_200x200These days, statistics say, up to 50 percent of the people who are on the internet, are doing so using a device with a monitor screen smaller than the average laptop or desktop computer. Over recent years, there has been an increase in the number of more convenient size devices, such as iPods, iPads, iPhones, smartphones, notebooks and tablets of many different dimensions, being used by internet visitors.
We want to make it as easy as possible for our visitors, whether they’re stopping in on their phone, tablet, pad, pod, laptop or personal office and home computers. That’s why, in addition to creating new and better website pages for you to see, we’re also making them using Responsive Design. That way, everyone who visits our website can do so using any kind and size device and get total satisfaction in the ease of attaining the information and services they seek.
advermagic_generic-logo_with-url_600x200A Service of Morbizco Internet Media.

Here Since the Turn of The Century.

Advermagic.com, was established in 2001 to provide advertising services to internet websites. Our clients include domains in the Morbizco Internet Media Group […]

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